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ThetaTracker.com aims to serve the Theta Community by aggregating all of the key aspects of the project into one common place. There are plenty of avenues to search for Theta-related news, documents, and developer tools. Our goal for this site is to make that search simpler and to provide the masses with the important infomation about the best project in all of crypto!

Staking Calculator

The staking calculator we have profived gives you an estimate on the TFuel earnings for running a Guardian Node. It takes into account current staked amount, prices, etc. so getting projected earnings is quick and easy. You can also change these values to simulate and forecast what the future may look like for your earning potential.

Resources & Links

This section of the website is a comprehensive list of all things Theta related. It includes everything from official web site links, wallet informatio, community tools, past AMAs, recommended content creators, and much much more!


A historical tally of Theta Labs accomplishments


Check out the latest statistics and data for the Theta Network blockchain, staking nodes, and more!

Tax Reporting

A new feature is being worked on that will allow users to export transactions history for each wallet they own. The results will be provided in a format that can be imported by popular crypto tax software applications such as CoinTracker.


Our Frequently Asked Questions page seeks to help answer many of the common questions our community members have asked.

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